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Research Group El Kasmi

NLR Biology and the relationship of Immunity and Trafficking
Farid El Kasmi

Research Group Laubinger

MicroRNA Function and RNA Processing in Plants
Sascha Laubinger

Research Group Harter

Plant Two-Component System

Klaus Harter

Basic Leucine-Zipper Transcription Factors
Bioinformatic Approaches to Identify the Molecular Basis of Regulatory Gene Networks
Split-ubiquitin System

Research Group Markmann

Regulatory roles of small RNAs in nodulation symbiosis
Katharina Markmann

Research Group Oecking

Function of plant 14-3-3 proteins
Claudia Oecking

Research Group Schaaf


Signaling by lipid transfer proteins and inositol-derived molecules / Molecular plant nutrition

Gabriel Schaaf

Former Research Groups:

Project Group Desimone  
Plant transport
Marcelo Desimone

Research Group Wolf B. Frommer (Stanford)
Molecular physiology of metabolite transport and sensing
Wolf B. Frommer

Project Group Koch
Amino Acid Transport
Wolfgang Koch

Research Group Ludewig

Molecular Biology & Electrophysiology of Nitrogen Transport

Uwe Ludewig

Research Group Seitz
Plant pathogen interaction and secondary metabolism
Hanns Ulrich Seitz

Project Group Schulz

Burkhard Schulz

Research Group Schleifenbaum
Plant high resolution imaging/spectroscopy
Frank Schleifenbaum

Research Group Schumacher
Role of the V-ATPase in cell growth and ion homeostasis
Karin Schumacher

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